7 Fake Credit Cards Were Found On Dammy Krane – Miami Police


‘I do not partake in fraud” – the defensive statement Dammy Krane upon meeting his bail terms after his arrest for credit card fraud/identity theft, may be coming to bite him in his fiery pants as a new development has emerged on the case.

According to the Miami Times, 7 fake credit cards were found in his pockets on 1 June, the same day he was arrested at Opa-locka Executive Airport in Miami Dade, Florida. .
The publication has also revealed that the AMIN crooner, has been slammed with a 9 count felony charge for credit card forgery and grand theft.

The entire theft crime came to fore when the singer used a bogus card to book a private jet flight to Washington, D.C., upon being searched, 7 false credit cards were found in his wallet. This was made known in the police report published in the Miami New Times yesterday . .

The Jet company, TapJets, had alerted the police upon discovering that the first card Dammy Krane tendered was bogus.

The Miami-Dade Police, were informed by the company that Dammy and a partner, Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu, booked a $10,943 trip on a private jet from Opa-locka to Washington, D.C.

Police searched Dammya nd his partner upon arrival and 7 seven cards were found in Dammy Krane’s pants pocket. Further checks by authorities revealed that all 7 cards had mismatched numbers on them.

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